Recordings and Summary of INSPIRE Conference 2021

The INSPIRE CONFERENCE 2021 took place end of October 2021. The presentations and recordings are now available ( resp. and “Recordings”).

INSPIRE has entered a new milestone as the European Commission’s recent focus on the green and digital transformation holds the potential to make it a key tool for the successful (environmental) data sharing in Europe. JRC’s Science for Policy Report “INSPIRE – A Public Sector Contribution to the European Green Deal Data Space” was published, see!8qH67V summarises the main developments of the pan-European INSPIRE SDI, AS well it emphasizes that “traditional SDIs should evolve from complex and highly specialised frameworks to more sustainable, flexible and agile data ecosystems, lowering the entry level far beyond geospatial specialists and welcoming an increased participation from less traditional stakeholders (e.g. open source software communities, standardisation bodies and early adopters)”.

Hence new work items for our commission are in front of the door.

“State of play, lessons learned and a vision for the future of INSPIRE: the Public Sector contribution to European Data Spaces and the #GreenDeal data spaceAsien-Australien auf dem Globus” is referenced by the INSPIRE Twitter account, see