SDI-Open 2015: Final programme

Thursday (20 August): Commission meetings
9:00 Arrival and registration
9:30 ICA Commissions (SDI/Open Source) – Preparation for Main Conference Business Meeting
10:30 Break
11:00 Geo For All Presentation (Silvana Camboim)
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Joint Commission Meeting, part I
15:00 Break
15:30 Joint Commission Meeting, part II
15:30 Closure
16:00 Special Tour – Maracana Football Stadium (R$ 36,00 per person, around US$ 12,00). More information:
Friday (21 August): Open source and open standards in spatial data infrastructures – Case studies
8:30 Arrival and registration
Session 1, Chair: Silvana Camboim
9:00 Welcome: João Bosco de Azevedo (IBGE), Luis Cavalcanti Bahiana (Brazilian NSDI), Prof Harald Moellering, First Chair: ICA Commission on Geoinformation Infrastructures and Standards
9:30 NSDI-BR – A historical and contemporary analysis, Presenter: Rogério Borba
9:50 The Australian National Map, Presenter: Peter Leihn
10:10 Open standards and formats used in the implementation of a marine spatial data infrastructure at the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation of the Brazilian Navy, Presenter: Juan Caraballini
10:30 Break
Session 2, Chair: Antony Cooper
11:00  SDI – National to Global: perspectives from the UK academic sector, Presenter: Conor Smyth
11:20  A decade of geoinformation sharing at ETH Zurich, Presenter: Ionut Iosifescu
11:40  Discussing the role of university in spatial data infrastructure construction: issues and challenges for UERJ-V-SDI, Presenter: Jose Augusto Ramos
12:00  Lunch
Session 3, Chair: Trevor Taylor
14:00  Using open source software and open standards for implementing a European spatial data infrastructure via service cascade, Presenter: Lassi Lehto
14:20  Interoperable provision of geodata and services according to the INSPIRE Directive in German geoportal sites, Presenter: Franz-Josef Behr
14:40  Geoportal MTOP, Presenter: Ana Fernández and Melissa Robert
15:00  Break
Session 4, Chair: Serena Coetzee
15:20  Conceptual data modeling in the geospatial information technology toolkit (gittok), Presenter: Morishige Ota
15:40  A solution for processing large files in the LASer (LAS) format using the message passing interface (MPI) and parallel file systems, Presenter: Michael Finn
16:00  Closure
19:30  Rio Scenarium (samba bar/restaurant). More Information: ($R30 reals, around US$ 10)