Health Spatial Data Infrastructure Concept Development Study Draft Report ready for Voting

The Health Spatial Data Infrastructure Concept Development Study Report has been approved by the Health DWG for start of an electronic vote for OGC members at

While the present COVID-19 pandemic has underscored a range of successes in dealing with the COVID virus, many gaps in supporting local to global preparedness, forecasting, monitoring and response have been identified when dealing with a health crisis at such an unprecedented level. This study considers how a common,
standardized health geospatial data model, schema, and corresponding spatial data infrastructure (SDI) could establish a blueprint to better align the community for early warning, response to, and recovery from future health emergencies. Such a data model would help to improve support for critical functions and use cases.

This Concept Development Study (CDS) aims to engage the health and geospatial communities across industry, government, academia and research organizations in the evaluation of the current state, and future design of a geospatially enabled Health Data Model and corresponding Health Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).