SDI-Open 2017 pre-conference workshop


28th International Cartographic Conference pre-conference workshop on
Spatial data infrastructures, standards, open source and open data for geospatial (SDI-Open 2017)

Jointly organized by the Commission on Open Source Geospatial Technologies and the Commission on SDI and Standards

1- 2 July 2017 at the George Washington University, Washington DC, United States

Spatial data infrastructures aim to make spatial data findable, accessible and usable. Open source software and open data portals help to make this possible. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to SDIs, standards, open source and open data in a fun way. The workshop comprises invited presentations to provide an introduction and background to SDIs, standards, open source and open data. A number of hands-on introductions to open source geospatial software together with mapping tasks will give participants the opportunity to explore these tools. The workshop takes place in a computer lab with a limited number of seats. Please book your seat in advance to avoid disappointment.

Pre-registration required for this workshop through the ICC 2017 Registration Site, once available by December 1, 2016 at

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