Honorary Fellowship for Harold Moellering

For his contribution to ICA as founder and former chair of the Commission on SDI and Standards and for his significant contribution to the development of geospatial standards in the international digital cartographic community, Prof. Harold Moellering, Professor of Geography at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, was awarded an ICA Honorary Fellowship.

H. MoelleringProf. Moellering’s central contribution to ICA has been as chair of what is now the Commission on SDI and Standards. He has chaired the Commission for several terms and has overseen numerous productive workshops and Commission meetings.

During his tenure, the Commission has produced three books: Spatial Database Transfer Standards: Current International Status (1991), Spatial Database Transfer Standards 2: Characteristics for Assessing Standards and Full Descriptions of the National and International Standards in the World (1997), and World Spatial Metadata Standards (2005). He has also served on really numerous other standards committees, both national and international, has presented many papers at ICA and other professional meetings, and has published in and edited special issues of cartography and GIS journals.

He has served on many national committees including the ACSM Committee on Automation in Cartography and Surveying, the U.S. National Committee for ICA and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council Committee on Cartography. He has also served on editorial boards for cartography and GIS journals. His research specialties include numerical, analytical and dynamic cartography, and Geographical Information Systems.